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ScopeApps™ are the software that interpret the device image and provide logical processing of the image beyond just viewing of the image.

Apps initiated on a device or supporting hardware, like a smart phone or PC, can send the images to systems and/or doctors who recognize and diagnose and return information about those images.

Those images can be stored on servers along with their source and diagnosis information. That information can be retrieved for

These innovations result in better care:

Miniaturized Microscopic Image Devices

This site provides a comprehensive compilation of non-technical information about the new miniaturized microscopic world of devices that are portable and can be held in the palm of your hand!

This site is the product of four years of research with the goal to provide reference information about the inventors, manufacturers and distributors of Lensfree, CMOS, Smart phone, Tablet, Android and other small microscopic devices along with the Apps (applications) that provide the intelligent feedback about the image.

We’ve been studying what the future will bring and know there will be many image devices that will employ one or more software Apps.

ScopeApps™ are the heart of the future!

Apps recognize, diagnose, store and retrieve information about the images just like we saw Dr. "Bones" McCoy using on Star Trek.

Every day aw-inspiring innovative real “Star Trek” Apps are written that add more artificial intelligence to the devices!

Apps can be standalone software or combined

Hardware-Firmware-Software smart devices

that will have one or more software Apps installed.

A stand alone App or a combined device App

is called a ScopeApps™

Example: SpermScope™

ScopeApps™ - Health Image Software

ScopeApps™ “Sperm Scope™” Aii on the Farm

Health is only one of the many areas to benefit from the new devices!

Artificial Intelligent Inseminations™ (Aii)

Dr. Ozcan has invented a small device that can capture and analyze images of sperm according to WHO sperm analysis standards. This device can replace the large microscope and sperm interpretation systems (or human guessing). Today many of the automated systems are only affordable and understandable by large farms, tomorrow every AI breeder will be able to use new sperm analysis systems - fertility labs will be at the farm!

Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu of the University of California at Davis, said “And with cellphones, you can record and transmit data anywhere.In rural or remote areas, you can get a diagnosis from a professional pathologist halfway around the world.”

Below is a view of the future of Artificial Insemination - Visit™ for details